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Services Offered

Site Visit

Embark on a Comprehensive Site Visit Experience with Imbube Slabs. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to explore your project’s unique requirements in person. From assessing spatial dynamics to understanding logistical nuances, our site visits are the first step towards delivering tailor-made solutions. By gaining a firsthand understanding of your needs, we ensure precision and accuracy in every phase of your project. Trust Imbube Slabs to lay the foundation for success through insightful site visits.

Supply + Deliver

Imbube Slabs: Your Seamless Solution for Supply and Delivery. Our commitment goes beyond innovation and quality – it extends to convenience. Experience hassle-free access to our range of concrete beam and block, as well as polyblock products. With our efficient supply chain and reliable delivery services, your materials arrive on time, intact, and ready for use. Count on Imbube Slabs to elevate your project’s efficiency, one delivery at a time.

Proposed Engineers Layout Drawing

Unlock Precision with Imbube Slabs’ Proposed Engineer Layout Drawing. Our dedication to excellence is epitomized in our detailed layout drawings, meticulously crafted by our expert engineers. These drawings breathe life into your project’s vision, ensuring seamless alignment with your goals. Imbube Slabs’ layout drawings are more than plans – they are the bridge between your ideas and a concrete reality. Trust in our precision to build your future.

Slab Specs Suggested Topping Depth
170mm Slab 100mm Block, 70mm Concrete Topping
180mm Slab 120mm Block, 60mm Concrete Topping
200mm Slab 140mm Block, 60mm Concrete Topping
255mm Slab 200mm Block, 55mm Concrete Topping
Beams – Dimensions
150mm x 60mm
8 Wire
40 MPA
Orders cast to size
Block Sizes
IM 100
IM 120
IM 140
IM 200
500mm x 200mm x 100mm, 25mm Lip
500mm x 200mm x 120mm, 25mm Lip
500mm x 200mm x 140mm, 25mm Lip
500mm x 200mm x 200mm, 25mm Lip

Suppliers of Polystyrine Blocks – On Request.

Exploring Imbube Slabs: A Visual Journey of Excellence and Innovation

Discover the Imbube Slabs Gallery, where craftsmanship, innovation, and quality converge. Browse through a stunning collection of images showcasing our concrete beam and block solutions, as well as our cutting-edge polyblock products. Immerse yourself in the intricate details, precision engineering, and the tangible results of our commitment to service excellence. Each image tells a story of durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Join us on this visual journey and witness firsthand how Imbube Slabs is reshaping the landscape of construction materials.

Elevate Your Project with Imbube Slabs: Your Source for Quality Concrete Solutions

Discover the Difference with Imbube Slabs! We’re proud to introduce a new era of service excellence and cost-effective solutions in the construction industry. Specializing in top-notch concrete beam and block, along with innovative polyblock offerings, Imbube Slabs is your trusted partner for projects of all sizes. Our commitment to uncompromising quality meets affordability, ensuring you get the best value for your investment. Request a quote today and experience the future of concrete excellence with Imbube Slabs.

  • The address where the slab will be installed.
  • Please attach plans or at least a sketch of your building with dimensions so that we can provide you with a quote.