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For all your concrete beam and block, plus polyblock requirement at affordable prices. Give us a call or email us.

Services Offered

  • Site Visit
  • Supply + Deliver
  • Proposed Engineers Layout Drawing
  • Slab SpecsSuggested Topping Depth
    170mm Slab100mm Block, 70mm Concrete Topping
    180mm Slab120mm Block, 60mm Concrete Topping
    200mm Slab140mm Block, 60mm Concrete Topping
    255mm Slab200mm Block, 55mm Concrete Topping
    Beams – Dimensions
    150mm x 60mm
    8 Wire
    40 MPA
    Orders cast to size
    Block Sizes
    IM 100
    IM 120
    IM 140
    IM 200
    500mm x 200mm x 100mm, 25mm Lip
    500mm x 200mm x 120mm, 25mm Lip
    500mm x 200mm x 140mm, 25mm Lip
    500mm x 200mm x 200mm, 25mm Lip

    Suppliers of Polystyrine Blocks – On Request.

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